Supporting as a Community Member

If you stay near any of the campuses, know anyone who is currently on strike, or are just a kind hearted person who is concerned about helping graduate students workers–who are among the most precarious workers at SFU–fight for a living wage, you can help out in the following ways. We appreciate your support!

What are some of the problems faced by TSSU members?

  • TAs typically make approximately $750-$850 biweekly (depending on if they are a MA/PhD student)
  • These wages are used to pay for housing, food, and tuition — all of which have increased dramatically in the past few years despite wages staying constant
  • Many members must take on multiple jobs in addition to our studies just to afford to live in this province

Respecting Picket Lines

  • Join us on our picket lines in solidarity! We would appreciate friendly support and a large part of our efforts have been to ensure that we are heard by the larger community, and not just SFU
  • Bring food and cold beverages for our members who will be picketing for long hours outside in the heat
  • Above all, DO NOT CROSS our picket lines! They are our greatest tools and best strategy for keeping pressure on the employer

How else can community members support the strike?

Support your loved ones, if you are related to or are friends with any of our members. A phone call or a text could go a long way!