Respecting Picket Lines

  • Join us on our picket lines in solidarity! We would appreciate friendly support and a large part of our efforts have been to ensure that we are heard by the larger community, and not just SFU
  • Bring food and cold beverages for our members who will be picketing for long hours outside in the heat
  • Above all, DO NOT CROSS our picket lines! They are our greatest tools and best strategy for keeping pressure on the employer. This includes not doing struck work (e.g., doing your TA’s grading)!
  • For our students: As per the SFU Senate Motion S00-12 approved in 2000, “the University respects the right of students or course instructors, as a matter of conscience, to refuse to cross a picket line in a labour dispute.” So students shouldn’t be academically punished for respecting (i.e., not crossing) picket lines. Unfortunately, SFU Admin has deliberately chosen to not make a clear statement regarding academic punishment, so at the moment, what that right means is unclear. However, we have arranged resources to help you with this: