Job Action Update

As of September 28th, our current job actions include indefinite work stoppage and rotating picket lines, as follows:

  • Indefinite full work stoppage: All teaching work done by TSSU members will be struck starting September 28th on all campuses and locations, including online. This means no tutorials or labs; no lectures; no office hours; no emails to students or course supervisors; and no marking. The complete teaching work stoppage continues until TSSU members get a tentative agreement with SFU that addresses our needs.
  • Picket lines rotating between campuses: TSSU members will be picketing one SFU campus at a time on a rotating basis. No TSSU member shall do teaching work regardless of the location. Joining the picket line, even if it is at a campus other than the one you normally work from, is critical to the success of the strike and active participation at the picket line will allow members to access strike pay in the case of lost wages. Below are the pickets planned for the time being.
    • Surrey Picket: September 28th, 6AM
    • Vancouver Picket: September 29th, 8AM
    • Burnaby Picket: October 3rd, 8AM

Our previous job actions included an overtime ban and teach-ins, as follows:

  • Overtime ban: ELC/ITP/ITA Instructors must refuse any overtime (any assignment beyond 17 Contact Hours per week). TAs and SIs must refuse any assignment of duties which requires work beyond 8 hours per day, or 40 hours per week.
  • Classroom strike discussions (teach-ins): All SIs and TAs who lead lectures, tutorials or labs must take 10 minutes of teaching time to discuss the strike and post a message to Canvas (if applicable). ELC/ITP/ITA Instructors shall coordinate amongst themselves so each group of students receives a total of at least 30 minutes of class time to discuss the strike. Please find the teach in materials here.