How can I support the TSSU strike?

TSSU believes students at SFU are not only entitled to an education – they are entitled to a good education.  We care about the working conditions of our members not simply because of how it affects their own wellbeing, but also because we think it greatly affects the quality of education they are able to offer their students. Click here to see what our proposals are, including examples of how we think the issues we are fighting for affect undergraduates. Click here for our more detailed FAQ on the strike and job action.

It is emotionally very difficult for TSSU members to engage in job action that affects the population we want to educate. Unfortunately, the most effective job action at our disposal is that which involves the part of our labour that is most valued: our ability to teach classes and to distribute grades. Any impact on our jobs unavoidably impacts on your learning, and we regret that the only path we can see to bring about positive, longer-term change for the education and work of all of us may create disruption in the short-term.

Wherever possible, we seek to minimize any negative impact on the education of our students. The unproductive bargaining sessions in the months leading up to the decision to take a strike vote have sadly brought us to the current situation. TSSU will only escalate our job actions further if the employer does not take seriously our desire to negotiate a new contract that serves the shared interests of students and teachers.

The understanding and support of undergraduates is something we regard as essential in resolving our disputes with the employer, securing better working conditions for ourselves, and better learning conditions for you. Previous experience has shown us that your involvement is necessary. Undergraduate support sends a clear message to the employer, and is one of the most effective ways you can help to bring about a swift and positive resolution to the strike.

As an undergraduate, you can help support the strike in many ways:

Write to the President of SFU

Explain your support for TSSU, and urge that the strike be resolved as soon as possible. Write to President Andrew Petter at sfu_pres(at)

Talk to your TAs, TMs, and sessional instructors

Let them know you agree with what TSSU is fighting for. Your support means a lot!

Sign our petition

Click here to sign our petition of support.

Join any of our job actions or demonstrations

Stay up to date with any actions we are taking by liking on us on facebook – –  or following us on Twitter –

If you are an undergrad who would like to get further involved with TSSU campaigning, please contact us at: studentoutreach(at)

Talk to other students and your families

Tell other students why you support the TSSU strike. Share online links to our information.

Wear TSSU buttons

Come to the TSSU at AQ 5129 / AQ 5130 office to pick up some free buttons. Wear them to show your support.

Invite a TSSU member to talk to your department

If you are part of an undergraduate or department caucus, meeting, social event, or any other group, please contact tssu(at) to arrange a visit from a TSSU member. They will be happy to provide information, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. To effectively organize this, please allow us a few days’ notice ahead of your event.

If TSSU job action involves picket lines:

Picket lines and class cancellations can be the most dramatic-looking type of job action taken by the Union, and we will only use them if all other, less disruptive methods have been tried and been unsuccessful.

A powerful way of showing your support for the Union at such a time is to come and walk with us for a while. If you are able to, please come and talk to those on the line and join with the action if you wish.  Such moral support is invaluable.

With regard to picket lines, it is very important to remember that as a student you are an important part of making our lines effective. If your classes are cancelled as a result of the strike, you can use that time to pressure for a settlement. You need to come to school, talk to your fellow students about raising your concerns with Administration, and getting the contract settled. The more pressure that we raise, the sooner the dispute will be resolved.

With regard to picket lines, it is very important to remember that all workers are protected by law against being penalized by a department or the University for crossing picket lines, even if they are not members of the TSSU.

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