What is TSSU?

TSSU (Teaching Support Staff Union) represents the following workers at Simon Fraser University:

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs)
  • Tutor Markers (TMs) – online supervisors and markers
  • Sessional instructors – teachers on temporary contracts
  • English Language & Culture and Interpretation & Translation instructors (ELC/ITP) – part of SFU’s Lifelong Learning program, based at Harbour Centre Campus

This does not include faculty professors or non-teaching staff at SFU. TSSU has been running since 1978, and operates on non-hierarchical, feminist principles. Click here for more information on how TSSU is governed and organized.

Find out here why TSSU was on strike.

Find out here how folks helped to support the TSSU strike.

Find out here how you can contact TSSU.


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